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Keith Hanson
Founder, Owner and Creator of Running for Rivers
Keith "Wildman" Hanson is the founder, owner, and creator of Running for Rivers. Oh, and he's also the guy running 300 miles in November. Keith is from the City of Champions - Cleveland, Ohio - but has been living in the southeast for many years now. He spends most of his free time hangin' with his beautiful fiancée and their cats (Gene Parmesan and Oscar), while trying to stay fit. He believes it's super important to get outside and do something active everyday. Email Keith at
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Dan Wyar
Marketing & Communications Director of Running for Rivers
Dan Wyar is the official "Director of Fun" for Running for Rivers. He handles all communications, digital, social and media relations efforts for this 300-mile trek by Keith, in addition to all other duties as assigned by the Wildman. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Dan is a diehard Cleveland sports fan, craft beer aficionado, runner, podcast listener, and once had frosted tips in the seventh grade. The three emojis he uses most frequently are: 🍻 🙃 🌮. Email Dan at
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